Effuzi Mojo Cinema Seat

Deluxe Cinema Seat 

A superbly designed and engineered cinema seat which is incredibly comfortable. The Mojo cinema chair features a wide back for extra comfort and privacy.

Key Features:

  • Structure: All the internal steel framework is robotically-welded steel for strength and durability. The zipped-on upholstery covers of either foam-bonded fabric or leather, make for easy maintenance or replacement.
  • Cushion: Incorporates varying density, multi-layer, cold-molded polyurethane foam.
  • Armrest: The lounge-style arm provides extended forearm support and extra wide arms are available
  • Optional upgrades: Cup holders, drink tables, aisle identification, seat numbers, LED aisle lighting.
: 102.5 cm
: C-C 60 cm
: 72 cm
Seat Height
: 44 cm
Colours are indicative only. Please enquire for a full range of fabric swatches available.
Black Y-903
Black and Gray Y-904
Royal Blue Y-906
Green Y-901
Dark Red Rhombus
Dark Blue Y-902
Gray HF-201
Khaki HF-203
Brown HF-216
Black HF-220
Dark Blue HF-207
Teal HF-222
Green HF-221
Yellow HF-208
Red HF-206
Red HF-406
Gray HF-414
Black HF-418
Royal Blue HF-402
Dark Blue HF-603
Khaki HF-601
Dark Gray HF-604
Gray HF-606
Red HF-605
Navy T-208
Dark Khaki HF-602
Dark Red 6T-206
Blue T-202
Black Leather
Chocolate Leather
Light Cream Leather
Black Vinyl
Camel Vinyl
Dark Brown Vinyl
Cowboy Brown Vinyl