Cashmere High School


In 2019, Alloyfold installed 585 Debussy auditorium seats into the new Cashmere High School McCombs Performing Arts Centre auditorium.

We were excited to see this building win a 2020 Canterbury Architecture Award - we love being part of amazing projects like this one. 

The Debussy was chosen in a dark red colour to match Cashmere's school colours. This goes well with the wooden floor and bright white walls, and adds a splash of colour into the space. 

The Alloyfold Debussy seat is a practical choice for venues like a performing arts centre because of its slim profile - this maximises the number of seats that can fit into the auditorium. Not only is it a comfortable seat, it also has a strong aluminium beam-mounted structure, making it extremely durable. This is essential in a busy school environment like this one.